Presentation. Guilda Assessors Històrics is an exceptional and unique meeting point where history, education and entertainment converge to provide a deep and immersive educational experience. Our services extend from the creation of themed room escapes to historical advice, the construction of detailed family trees and historical outreach through multiple channels.

Presentation of Historical Escape Rooms

Our escape rooms are immersive experiences designed with the utmost respect and historical accuracy. Each room is a time capsule that transports participants to bygone eras, inviting them to decipher puzzles and solve challenges based on real events. Our team of historians and game designers work together to ensure that every detail, from the setting to the puzzles, is based on historical facts and contexts. Whether it’s an escape from the Tower of London in the 16th century or solving a mystery in ancient Greece, each experience is both an educational and exciting journey.

Presentation of the Historical Advisory

We provide historical advice for a wide range of projects, including films, documentaries, books and museum exhibitions. Our experts strive to ensure historical accuracy and authenticity in all aspects of the project. With deep knowledge and meticulous research, we provide clear insight and accurate interpretation of historical facts, helping you avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings.

Presentation of Genealogical Trees

Our family tree service offers the opportunity to discover your family history and the roots of your legacy. We use a variety of historical and technological resources to trace your line of ancestry, revealing family connections and historical narratives that may have been lost to time. Each family tree we create is a personalized and detailed testament to your heritage.

Presentation of Historical Disclosure

We strongly believe in the importance of historical education and outreach. Through a variety of platforms, including articles, podcasts, videos and seminars, we disseminate historical knowledge in an accessible and engaging way. Our articles are written by subject matter experts, our podcasts offer in-depth discussions of historical topics, our videos feature captivating visualizations of bygone eras, and our seminars provide forums for interactive learning and debate.

At Guilda Assessors Històrics, we are committed to the preservation and dissemination of history. Whether you are looking for a unique educational experience, need expert advice for your project, want to explore your genealogy, or are simply a history buff, we have something to offer. We invite you to explore our website and discover all that Guilda Assessors Històrics has to offer.